Drop deformation in miniature channels under electric field

Microfluidics is the science and technology of manipulating small volumes of fluids in channels with dimensions as small as the size of human hair. You can think of a microfluidic system as a plumbing network composed of miniature pipes. Microfluidics has the potential to advance revolutionize biology, chemistry, and medical diagnostics by allowing many operations such as mixing of fluids, and synthesis of materials, as well as lab analyses to be miniaturized and integrated into a single device. Such a device is typically only a few cm² in size and is called a lab-on-chip platform.
Electric fields are often used in lab-on-chip systems to control droplet generation, sorting, merging, and mixing.
Today’s paper study the interaction between electric field and droplets

Water-in-Water Emulsions as Templates for Microcapsules

Emulsions are typically prepared by mixing water and oil. However, emulsions can also be prepared by mixing two or more aqueous solutions containing incompatible polymers under the right conditions. Song and co-workers have developed a method to prepared water-in-water emulsions and used it as template to prepare microcapsules